Account allocations
Shows the percentage breakdown of strategies in your portfolio. To see the strategy name, hover over the section with your cursor.

Account summary
Displays the account information in a quick-view table, including the account’s diversification score (which shows how correlated the strategies are to each other) and durability score (which shows how robust the portfolio is likely to be in future market and economic environments).

Message center
Lists messages for the account. To expand the message, click the link.

Financial adviser details 
Shows the contact information of the financial adviser on the account. If there are multiple financial advisers on the account, click the dots to toggle between the information cards.

OnTarget Monitor 
Updated monthly, the OnTarget Monitor displays the portfolio value (the black line) plotted against a hypothetical, color-coded projection of possible investment outcomes over the investor’s stated investment time horizon (based on hundreds of Monte Carlo simulations). The top value listed on the right is reached or exceeded in 20% of the outcomes, the second value (the OnTarget goal) is reached or exceeded in 60% of the outcomes, and the bottom value is reached or exceeded in 80% of the outcomes.

Latest news 
Provides the latest market and investing news from Flexible Plan Investments, including “In My Opinion,” a weekly article written by president and founder Jerry Wagner.

President’s Letter 
Links to the latest President’s Letter, featuring investing insights from Flexible Plan Investments president and founder Jerry Wagner.

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Account Summary







Lists the strategies in the portfolio and allocations by percentage and value. The table can be sorted and filtered by a number of fields.

Rate of return (ROR) 
Provides the rate of return for 12 months (before fees) on each of the strategies in the portfolio.

Shows the holdings of each strategy within the account by percentage and shares owned. Provides the market value of each holding. To view the underlying holdings of a strategy, click the arrow to the left of the strategy name.

Mailing address 
Shows the mailing address on file and allows users to update or add an email address to the account.

Email address 
Shows the email address(es) on file and allows users to update or add an email address to the account.

Phone number 
Shows the phone number(s) on file and allows users to update or add a phone number to the account.

Electronic delivery 
Elect electronic delivery of statements with an email address on record.

Change password
Easily change the password for the account to log in to

















Suitability profile

Shows the date and responses to the investor’s most recent suitability questionnaire. A new suitability questionnaire should be completed if (1) the investor’s financial situation has changed; (2) the investor’s investment objectives have changed; (3) the investor wishes to impose any reasonable restrictions on the management of the account; or (4) the investor wishes to modify an existing restriction in a reasonable manner. Investors can complete and submit a new suitability questionnaire on this tab.


A statement archive is available for reference. To download the statement, simply click the link.


Under the Correspondence section, investors will find ___________.


A message archive is available for reference.

Investor profile











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